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I am a confused MESS. DEAR LAWD.

Ok so, I might be trans?? Maybe?? I don’t even know anymore, I sorta wish I could just be a whatever like gonzo and not care anymore. I was a girl fine with any pronouns, but maybe I’m non-binary?? I dunno, maybe I’m a boy? Although, I wouldn’t like being a boy that much. I like he/him pronouns, but I don’t feel comfortable with any pronouns anymore. I thought about neopronouns but they didn’t fit me either. I want to be a prima ballerina and a skater at the same time, all while being able to belt the lowest keys to get the male lead in the school musical, but I just.. I don’t even know. I guess I have no pronouns, never refer to me ever lmao. S.O.S. Pls help, I’m having an identity crisis. I also like having boobs but I also want dude parts too at the same time, I wanna be some weird amalgamation of both. Maybe I’m enby?? I don’t know tho, I really like feminine skirts and dresses and jewelers and whatnot, but I also love the idea of me being stronger than the rest of the boys, being on the football team, and having a nice jawline. I don’t fuckin know, I can’t become a cute catboy because I’m a girl, but I can’t be a masc skater girl because I wouldn’t have the guts. Pls help.