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I am absolutely insane

I'm gonna start this story by telling you this; DO NOT repeat what i did. It WILL NOT end well!

The boyfriend and I were having issues in our relationship I was scared he would dump me or was cheating or some shite.

Once after a night in the sack he left the next morning to get ready for work at his house but he had thrown the rubber in the bin at mine.

I got an evil idea.

I took the rubber out of the bin and I took the sucker, flipped myself upside down which was not easy and dumped the remains of his ejaculate INTO my kitty.

I was scared he would realize what I did, so I poked a small hole in the used rubber, filled with half an egg white and put it back in the trash, making sure it would leak out to cover me if he checked he would see the condom just leaked into the trash. See when egg whites dry out they look a LOT like semen.

I proceeded to lay upside down for a couple hours to make sure none of his... Fluid would leak out of me.

I am insane I know, and I got pregnant just like I wanted. We're now married with a healthy little girl, and we're genuinely happy. But he doesn't know.