I am all alone. I need someone to talk .

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Tomorrow is my birthday but i am lying here crying . because all my friends even my best friend betrayed me. They broke my trust so many times that i am tired of forgiving them. But i cant not talk to them. Because then i wont have anyone left . two yeats back i came into a relationship with my guy best friend and he was the best. We were so in love but then we both decided this wont workout and we should split up . he promised me that no matter what happens our friendship wont be affected . and now after two years of relationship when we broke up he blamed me for everythinv even though it was a mutual decision. He told me to never talk to him again. Yet i broke my self respect and told him i cant leave his friendship too ... But he was just rude to me ... Now i dont respect me ... I want to talk to him he is my best friend also i am afraid that all the things that i shared with him as he was my best friend he might tell them to someone else . i have no one to talk to .... Please i m feeling reallg lonely ... Please someone tell me what should i do ? Please.

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