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I am alone

I wish to think that im special person since i was a child. But i realized i am not at the age of 12. I struugled to make friends. I was afraid of talking to my classmates. Im a shy person. I am scared they will critized me if i made a mistake in my words. Im 24 yrs of age now. And still im the same person i was in my childhood. I lived my life like a shit , fake , fraud, and never true to myself. I feel like i wanna die inside. Im jealous to other person coz they got everything they want. This is fucking frustrating everyday. When i wake up every morning, i will alwys think what am i going to do today. How should i live my life what i wanted to do. I hate people especially they are talking to me. Backstabbing me in the back that im not deserving to be to get what i achieve in my life. I stopped caring aboit relationship since when i was at highschool coz they are fucking annoying. I get mad when i heard someone talking about my mistakes. I know im just a guy who doesnt admit my mistakes. Im a loser y knw. Loser.

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Re: I am alone

I can relate to you.Im similar situation.Im introvert and shy. so i dont really have lots of friends.idk why people dont choose to mix with me.I had very few friends now I have literally no one.I dont like relationships or friendship. bcz they end up judging you.And it hurts.People always foccus on my mistakes.It hurts when they ignore me,,,when they finally give me some attention, they judge me. I mean ya ik um a loser u dont have to always remind me. Thats why I choose not to have any friends.I dont really mix with people.But ya i feel alone.. so much empty inside. feels like something is missing.I dont know what I want exactly. But sometimes i think bout having a person in my life whom i can share all of myself and he/she wont judge me and will never ignore me. I know its impossible.I just wish oneday i will wake up in the morning and everything will be as I've always wanted.

(sry for my English)