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I am an equal human being and to be loved and respected!

Years invested. I keep trying to help, give space, forgive, and understand. U just keep buying all your time being miserable, abusive, breaking me down. You’re gloomy world is seeping into mine. I can see now. I’m beginning to be like you. I am miserable. I don’t have motivation.

I just want to feel good for once. I’m so low that anger feels better than what I feel most of the day. Anger is less acceptable though, isn’t it? Even though it’s a result of pain. Of being abused in one way or another. Right? Think about it! Every single anger or rage is fueled by a pain, be it rejection or loss, in some way shape or form. Fear! That’s what it is. It’s all fear!! You fuel my sense of frear.

U don’t love me, respect me, see me, know me, care about me in one way or another. I’m just an object, a tool, a pet, a robot, here to serve a purpose for your own pleasure. According to you’re treatment I can only assume you see me as not having a soul of my own, a heart, a mind, feelings, or desires? Or, how about needs?

I do though! Just like you! I need love. Love equals, respect. Love equals caring about my well-being. Love equals seeing me for who or rather what I am, a fellow human being, and equally worthy of love and respect. Love equals caring about me and my well-being because I am human, and you cherish me and it’s the right thing to do. And, on top of that even, you supposedly love me? So, all of the previously mentioned, solidified and multiplied! Right?

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Re: I am an equal human being and to be loved and respected!

Like you I never felt true love or affection. It caused pain deep inside me. It's true every human being on this planet should treated equally. Sadly this stupid world wont care for us in any way. All I can say is be patient, keep it together. Find a goal that you want live to achieve. Hope you feel better :)