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i am ashamed of me

i didnt complete my syllabus for my upcoming exam in 3 weeks .its completely my fault ,, inspite of given time i didnt study, i dont know y i cant , it was my dream to be a CA but for last 2 attempts my self confidence and my interest is going down , no matter how time i raise up, i lose interest , i dont know what to do , i feel damn guilt to the extend of killing myself . i feel ashamed of myself , i feel so worthless, i am a topper in my school and i love learning new things , but i dont know y cant follow my dream. i feel like a failure , i am not even putting my hard work. i eventually lost interest in living , i feel like a loser . a complete failure . i lost my self confidence , i dont feel motivated also, my dad gave me enough time .. this is my third attempt yet i am not confident enough. i just want to die , i dont want to bring shame to my parents, they have shifted home for me staying in rented house jst for me but i am not doing the need i am supposed to do .i feel too guilty .. i jst want to end my life .