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I am being crushed.

At the start of the pandemic which led to lockdown in almost every country around the world, I thought of using the time wisely on the subjects in which I am the weakest. Study and Painting was all I did ever since I was a child. I thought this time would also be the same but never saw the worst phase awaiting for me on the way. It all started by slowly moving away from social media, since I am kind of introvert. As days passed by, I stopped picking up calls from my friends. I never gave importance to how I changed and thought it was just a temporary thing and I would gradually call my friends later on. I would get irritated over things and felt like no one in the family understood me. At the end of the year I found myself blaming for everything. My mother lost her battle to cancer when I was still a kid. Her face , voice and her warm hands which once used to wipe away my tears were no more. I weep all night long even though it's been almost 8 years after she passed away. My family calls that weak and irresponsible. My father is the only family I have and seeing him staying away from his own brothers just because of me shatters my heart. I now realised I am traumatized because of that day and staying alone by myself is fatal to my life. I love my pets because they helped me cope with it even if it was the least. Without them and my father, I would have been long gone...