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i am cheater

hii, i m a bloody cheater .Here is my story ,i m 22 years old girl . i m living in chandigarh .

so lets start ,i have a relationship with a boy from last 3 years but last year i met a girl on tinder .there were a long story behind this . actually physcial relations with my bf was not good . i dont feel contacted or any attraction or any pleasure thats why i was thinking may be i like girl or may be i m lesbian so becz of this i installed tinder . i met a girl she is lesbian we talked continuosly day or night like we talk 24 hrs.i like to talk to her .i start sharing everything .i tell her that i have a bf or i m not happy with him .firstly i didnt share but after a week i shared .but she is very serious for me ….we talk normally ..after 3,4 months we think to share a room together .so we finally live together .but still i m in a relation.i am hiding with her and him .i didnt tell him that i shared a room with a girl who loves me or i didnt tell her that still i m talking to him …with that girl i have a strong connection or good relationship ..i found myself that i also like gilrs or i can say i m confused i like girls or i like only this girl . we still share a room like its one year nd i m still in a relationship with both of them .but i m not committed with her but i m still in a relationship with him …i dont wanna to lose her but i cant breakup with him just becz of my family …i m confused that who i love or do i even love anyone …its hurting me everyday that i m cheating on both of them …what should i do i cant understand ….its my confession to all you …i just want some advice what should i do just tell me if u read this …its killing me every single day .