I am helpless. Please tell me what should i do ?

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I am 20 years old. I have been in a relationship for two years and we were perfectly happy. But there was no future together because of our filies so we decided to break up ... Before relationship we were really good friends nd i use to share everythinv with him even my deepest secrets ... But now after we broke up he is completely changed .... He doesnt care about my feelings ... He is always rude to me .... He doesnt want to talk or see my face .... He even told me to never ever talk to him again but i stayed there and when we started talking again he told me he talked to my ex best friend who had a crush on him .... Though he never admitted that she had a crush on him... And she is a horrible person ... She said so many hurtfull things to me ... She tortured me mentally for years ... And spread all kinds of rumours about me in school .... Now i am afraid they may become best friends or may come in a relationship .... I am jealous and hurt.... How could he do this after knowing what she did to me ? Please suggest me wjat i should do ? I am totally helpless .... Please .

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