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I am in love but is it true?

I will be direct. I have fall in love with a guy, whom I chat daily 1hr and I just can't realise that time spent, He is for sure my best friend , he even knows when my menstruation starts and all my secrets. And we have been talking since months . He asked me for my pic, at first I said no and topic got over, he didn't even force me, we both are very well known in our study careers and we both knew each other even before chatting ( because of our colleges ,etc) and all started. I know he is a very nice guy. Now I know how he looks and vice versa and all stuff. We even know how we both sound. And he flirts with me insanely lot .

And I have fallen in love with this guy, now I can't leave without talking with , I can't even concentrate in work, if I don't know how he is. And now he said that he is love with me.

But is it true? It even might be because of hormones , plus we both haven't dated anyone . But I don't know . I am in dilemma , like I want to scream and say him that "I LOOOOOVE U TOOO" but then won't it sound absurd saying, "I love a guy I haven't met".

What do you guys suggest? Is it possible to have a true love without meeting someone?

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Re: I am in love but is it true?

Hey I'll be honest. (I was in a similar situation)

Truth is-

1. You got used to talking to each other everyday.

2. You care about each other.

3. You are supportive to each other.

4. You are communicative with each other.

It's not about seeing or not seeing. It is about bond. You both have a good bond.

Love? (Whether it is love or not)

You will get to know when you meet each other and still feel the same bond that you have over texts.

The meetups have to be regular. As regular as texts to know if you both are really in love.

Noticing each other's body language.

How you talk face to face.

That is important to know if it is really meant for a long term love.

I hope you the best!

Take care 💚

If it is troubling you, find other ways to occupy your mind by doing something that you like hobbies, painting, singing, reading , dancing..cooking( occupy your mind at least one hour in a day to do something apart from texting him) this will give you time to realise if it true love.