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I am in pain due to him.

We both are working in same company. He is intelligent but self centered. He keeps me punishing by his silent treatments. There is a woman working in same office, she proposed him. I didnt find it right, I asked him to stay away from him, it is not good to generate false hope in that woman. He blocked her from whatsapp, Upto some extent he agreed. But he started threatening me by taking her name again and again over small issues.he started making me feel insecure. He says hurtful things and never feels sorry. He wants me to say sorry after every fight even if he is wrong. I feel helpless. I started minimizing the conversation since last month with him due to his controlling nature. I was expecting that he will realise his faults, but instead of understanding me and my feelings he started communicating with that woman. He unblocked her from whatsapp I don't know may be he is in regular conversation with her. He has become so rude that he blocked me from whatsapp. I don't want to loose him but at the same time I don't want to beg for love..I know everything will be fine if I say sorry to him, but my self respect doesn't allow me to do so. But at the same time I miss him, I am in deep pain, not able to focus on my career. Please guide what to do?