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I am lesbian

I’m lesbian, if I tell my parents they’ll disown me and I don’t know what to do. They check my iPhone every night and occasionally threaten me, if I tell the police then we’ll get sent back to our country and I honestly have a rocky relationship without telling them I’m lesbian, I cut myself sometimes but no because I hate myself, but because I don’t have anything to take my anger out on. I don’t have anyone, I haven’t known my friends for that long, my sister follows my parents, and if I told my parents they’re disown me. I wanted to tell someone for a long time and finally got the guts to do it online

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Re: I am lesbian

Yea well I'll suggest keeping it that way might be a good idea...wait till you are like earning and settled then do whatever.

Also don't ever do that thing, harming yourself.

I am no one to you, yet I feel very very bad reading that. So please don't harm yourself.

Coz I can understand how you feel, even I go through a lot, and think of harming myself, or suicide or something,...

But I control myself, and just deal with it.

So yes, please don't ever harm yourself., If you're angry, talk to someone you know and you'll feel lighter . Peace ✌️