I am letting my bff get used by men

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This has been going on for a while, like a 2 or 3 year timespan. She started dating a guy 7 years older than her when she was 14 and I let her because she seemed happy. I ler her go into his car at 3 in the morning without her mom knowing. I knew it was wrong but I thought she would be happy. After she broke up with him, she took a break from boys but then started going out with guys 5 and more years older than her. She currently anounced me she is dating a 27 year old(we are 16). I can't tell her mom because she is abusive and I have no idea what to do. I know it's her choice but i cannot let her get fucking groomed. She will hate me if I told someone. I don't know, I am scared for her and I keep feeling guilty. How can I protect her?

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