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I am lonely and also feel sad

I have lots of thoughts, I think a lot about different things, but you know what makes me feel sad, because I can't express myself . Yeah I know no one will understand, I can't even tell my parents because they think I have friends and an average parent doesn't care too much about emotions. I feel like I'm scared of people, I have this fear of not being accepted, I want to be able to have friends and talk to them about things but as they say you don't always get what you wish. Congrats to people who have friends. I'm really sad and I need a friend but sadly I've always wanted but not gotten either. I'm not done. you know what life is annoying and what is the essence of it really, i am tired. I try to listen to music to stop being sad but nah, I just think if I can have just one friend I'll be a happy.

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Re: I am lonely and also feel sad

I think I found myself thought you... These is the same situation iam going through.. I am born in a middle class and like your parents they also thing that I have so many friend. But they don't understand that I am alone inside... 😐 .. I am a introvert character.. And I am too shy to talk to people.. Even with my relative s.... I know your situation.. Because I am also going through these...........