I am lost and unwanted.

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I've been feeling this way of being unnecessary for a year. I was envied with my friends seeing them achieve one thing they wanted. It's like, they can get what they are looking for. Them, having lucky life in all circumstances makes me more envy at all times. While I am here, struggling how to cope up with my own problem coz I have no skills to fill my needs. I am not really that sure if I am unskilled or my skills are not enough to achieve one thing. It's really hard coz people around me also depends on me. Seeing them stares at me with disgust and disappointment feels hopeless. I feel pressured and unwanted. I really don't know how to do now with this kinda life. I am almost from depression but good thing there are things that I used to helps me to fight it. I am lost and unwanted.

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