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I am not feeling better

Hi, I feel sad all the time and have been harming my self. I am on the younger side of people so people dont really take me seriously(I am in 7th). I have been going to therapy for about 2 months but all I do is choose if I am a smiley face or a sad face. I am not getting better. I lost all of my friends during covid and I don't trust my parents so I have no one to talk to.

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Re: I am not feeling better

I am so sorry you are feeling that way. I am in 8th grade so I know only a little of what you are going through, if you would like Email me and we can be friends and try to take this 1 step at a time together. (I will give you a better way to contact me if you email me) My email is roxokilgore516@gmail.com I really hope you consider my offer. I think it will be beneficial to both of us.

If you need anyone to talk to anyone email me jeniferstar92@gmail.com. Im a eight grader. I might not know what you are going through, but we can talk. I'll try to help, and maybe we can get through it together. It will help to talk to somebody, just get your emotion out. If you dont feel don't comfortable talking to me you can talk to online therapist. One of those anomaly therapist. If you search online you can easliy find one. I'm always open if you want to talk.

We all love you. Please consider emailing one of the 2 of us, who have replied to your post article, maybe we can all email each other and talk stuff out. It could really be a great friendship and really good for you to talk to someone. Please consider emailing me at roxokilgore516@gmail.com I give great advice and can be really helpful when needed. I appreciate your courage and everything you had to post that article.