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I am really going crazy.

Guys...I have to say this because the topic has followed me even here. I am constantly in a state of panic and anxiety because for some f***** up reason people have started defending pedophiles and some even,,,proudly....talking about it, I have children and this really upsets me. Im just gonna tell you right now if you ever touch one of my children.itll be you and me in the woods. ill enjoy hearing you scream as i melt your eyes out of your skull. ill laugh as they take me to jail and ill say a toast with the devil as i burn in hell.. pedophilla is not ok. touching an innocent baby is not ok. raping a baby is not ok. (when i say baby i am referring to children 0days-17years old) THOSE ARE CHILDREN.there is no way to justify that. there is no way to make it ok, do not hurt children,do not touch children i inappropriately,do not rape(having sex with a child is always rape) a child there is nothing that makes it ok. nothing