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i am scared

guys i don’t know what to do . my girlfriend is accusing me of sexually assaulting her when i don’t think i did . i don’t remember anything and i’m scared she is going to leave me . if she leaves me i will have nothing . i’ve been having horrible thought and i don’t know what to do . i just want everything to disappear . i’m sorry . i just want this to be done with . i am shaking and crying and i just want her to not be mad at me . i love her so much . i just hope she trusts me and won’t be mad anymore :(

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Re: i am scared

If she was accusing you on such big matter, I would reconsider your feelings for her. it may be hard, but its just something to think about. How long have you and her been together for? I would also suggest maybe hearing her side of the story, just listen, don't say anything. And then you can tell your side. She will think you are understanding and care about what she has to say.

i did , i let her talk and explain and i tried to tell her i don’t remember anything and now she wants to take a break from me . i’m just gonna take a step back . i let her vent about me and get everything off . so i don’t know . i will keep you updated , thanks so much dude . means a lot to me right now ❤️

of course! I think right now things are very heated between you two and I would give it a couple days, Im glad I could help, and remember to keep your head up and God loves you. Feel free to reach out anytime, I like responding to things like these :)

Much love,