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I am scared I knew he was no good

This guy is doing shared living with us my family. I will be making up fake names for all involved in this story for safety of my sister and me. This guy will be called by his real name Joe. So when we had joe arrive me and my sister felt uneasy and a little scared. We didn't know what it was but he seemed up to no good. My oldest sister visited a few days later and was also feeling uneasy. My mom and dad sees him with no harm to anyone. I am 13, middle sister is 18, and oldest sister is 23. About the second day he was at the house he started asking me and middle sister (name for story is rose) to do things. First started with telling us to hug him, then grabbing us against our will and touching our breasts, then tried to kiss us on the cheek. We asked him to stop but he won't. He will not do it in front of my mom dad and brother. Our mom doesnt believe us because he is so nice to her. Now me and my sister never leave each other alone with him. My mom got called into work tonight and my sister is at a doctors appointment and then going to her freinds house because her freind is dealing with a breakup. He was supposed to be bowling but came home early. He has been making sexual comments and tried to grab me and pull me into the bathroom with him earlier I got away but he will not let me call my sister or mom for help. He is outside my door and I am hiding from him. I only have my school laptop my phone is downstairs. I have nowhere I can leave to but cant stay in my room any longer. I am planning on grabbing my phone when he goes to the bathroom and calling my sister and freind and going to go to her house but idk if he will catch me. I need advice. Can someone please help me.