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I am scared. Of my life. Of my mind.

I don't think I have the peace of mind to write about anything actually. My mind goes too fast with worry for me to even structure anything. I feel too much. I think too much. I am scared. I feel that I should not have been born. It is too much, this life. And there is always more pain to come, in mine or other's lives. I don't know how I shall turn out. I just know that I feel deathly alone in this and I am very scared. If anyone reads this. Anyone at all. If you feel like it. Just say a prayer for me. I shall be grateful to you. Thank you. Adios.

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Re: I am scared. Of my life. Of my mind.

you’re not alone bby, sometimes life feels unfair and like the world against you, but i believe in you and believe you will get through this, because you can. but don’t rush it, take things slowly, incase anyone hasn’t told you today, i love you, you are beautiful/handsome, and you can get through this. xx