I am so sick of my mother!!

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I am sick of my mom! I don’t know what her deal is today but she is being a bitch to everyone. It’s a Monday around 10:00am and I decide hey why don’t I make myself look decent today. So I get up grab my hair products, towel, clean clothes, and head to the bathroom right next to my room and the open space where my step-dad is working. I -accidentally- slammed the door with my foot and open it to say sorry I didn’t mean to slam the door. So I continue with my routine and then I go to get my blow drier, plug it in, and turn it on. Not even 3 minutes my mom is banging on the door cussing me out and telling me to turn it off. Now I am obviously pissed off (also in my period) and not having it. I get my shit and carry it all to my room. Next thing I know I’m on my phone and I see that my mom texted me when I was showering tell me to keep it down. That was 31 minutes ago. I didn’t have my phone in the bathroom. A notification phone call pops up. From my mom. I answer and she’s fuming. Telling me I knew he was in a meeting and that I made loud noise on purpose. (Like bitch I was just getting ready for the damn day). I tell her I was sorry and I didn’t know my dad was in a meeting. She then proceeds to tell my that I have an attitude, hangs up, and stomps up to my room. She opens my door and yells some more. You see I have to sit there and shut up or she will ground me and try to beat the shit out me (I say try because she is pregnant). She stops and leaves. Then tells my dad on the other side of the wall. That I’m being loud on purpose and continues to talk trash about me. Like wtf I’m on the other side of the wall. Then I cry about it cause I can’t do shit about it. Yes, my mom has been like this for two weeks. Yelling at every child in site even my 3 year old sister. Honestly at this point I’m done. I have had anxiety attacks because of that bitch. I’ve even done self harm in the past because of her. Yet she continues to be bitchy all the fucking time and she wonders why I don’t tell her shit about my life because she will yell at me and make it into a whole argument.