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I am terrified

So I was searching through porn,bdsm stuff,I clicked on one that was supposed to be on pornhub but instead of the video a message in english saying thew video was removed and another down below in spanish idk how to read spanish but I saw the word pedoteto or something like that and I freaked and closed out the browser right away. Im not a pedophile and wont even click on a video with the words teen in the title but im scared now that im going to jail because i accidentally clicked on a link that may have been taken down for having a minor in it. Like it was not on purpose but ofcourse no one will believe that cause who would openly admit if it was done on purpose. i mean i use incognito so i cant even bring up search history to prove im not like that

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Re: I am terrified

You should have flagged it as inappropriate & said so in words. Never happened to me. But I know it happens.

I’m not into porn. But I’m an artist. So I draw nudes sometimes. I used to have real models. Marriage changed that. Try Met art; only 18 & up. I prefer bigger older women. Playboy; Hustler (rough). So join a site in English. At least goto safe pages that follow the 18+ laws.

As for your legal worries. That is a major deal. Sex offended. However you didn’t mean to. Did you save an image?

Did you know all things are saved on your hard drive? I used to build computers. May want to take your hard drive out; smash it, & throw it in a lake. Then pay for a new hard drive. Maybe whole new computer. That would show you didn’t really want to see child porn I guess. You know; when I was 12 I dated 16 yr olds. I never have understood the pedophile stuff. Plus I was raped. I hate pedophiles.

Maybe you can call the server. Tell them what happened. Ask them to try to take it off the site & make a record that you complained.

You’d better not have an image saved on your computer; flash drive; etc. if you do that’s a felony. My dad was a cop.

FIX IT NOW. Don’t wait on a warrant. I’m only trying to help because you were innocent. Trapped by some slime POS. If you make an effort they will see that. This shit is saved somewhere.

That’s the big one. You’d better not have an image saved somewhere. As I said; if you saved & deleted it’s still saved.

Maybe after you do all that call a cheap lawyer. Tell them what happened. Ask what to do. If you are proactive it shows you are not sick.

May I suggest you not look at any online nudity for at least 3 months? That shit is addictive. Go online & bid on some playboy; hustler, or penthouse videos. Then watch them on TV. Legal aged women. No computer trail. My kids friends started looking at porn. Freaked me out. I had a lot of talks with them. Warning them of just what you say.

My wife’s best friend is married to a cop who actually tracks down pedophiles. I think saving the image is the big one. Viewing is bad. Especially if you type in the search. But we stumble on shit. I have accidentally seen killed horses; a suicide; beheaded bangers. I tried to set filters but then the kids couldn’t even do homework. But keep it on moderate. Unmoderated is “sick”. I almost threw up when I clicked that.

Think on this. How did you stumble on this? You were randomly clicking for porn. Ever notice sports pages have cheerleaders & wardrobe malfunctions? You click that & the page starts sudden shifts. Trying to get you to click wrong thing. Down the rabbit hole. So no porn surfing. Pay for a known safe service. Playboy; met art (skinny women. I’d go with playboy); hustler; penthouse. Don’t keep playing with fire till your in jail. This is a wake up call. I’ve had friends goto jail yrs back. It’s not fun they say.

Well you seem like an innocent person so I tried to help. But your playing with Fire. This is your chance to make better choices before you have to register as a sex offender. Wake up. Porn pays for the net. Men view porn. The net is designed to funnel men to porn. Just pay for a legal site. That free shit chase of yours may lead to cuffs & bars.

I’m so tired I’m confused. Hope I helped. But remember; how ever your searching found this. Clean up your act or the next mistake may lead to prison. This is one of my biggest fears as a parent. Kids talk about everything now days. Will my kids stumble into something like you did. I tried to test that myself. I dodged the shit you fell in. But the traps are there. I can’t figure out why that shit is allowed to even be accessible. They say the dark web is worse. I have no clue.

God Bless. Cut down on the porn. Watch some comedies. Play online call of duty. I rock that shit.

Thanks for the advice but I want to clarify a few things.

The video had been taken down wich is what got my attention cause it said it had been removed.

I already mentioned im usually very careful what I click on because I have absolutley no intrest in stuff like that but I do have an idea what lead to it. this has pretty much turned me off from looking up any porn at all ever. ill stick to magazines.

ofcourse I never saved anything I dont want to see stuff like that but I am going to call the police department in the morning and file a report explaining what happend.hopefully i wont go to jail.

im not smashing anything cause that would mean i have something to hide when i dont, im alittle embarrassed about being into domination and submission stuff but everything I like to watch involves two consenting adults.