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I am tired

I am tired of feeling invisible and yet a threat. I have been a good citizen trying to follow rules that were not created for me. I am tired of having to wear my color and ignore my sex. I am tired of the negative labels and images. I have a good record, I am educated and how come I can't live the American dream. I grow tired of being marginalized with low income jobs, higher interest rates. The only reason is because of my color and sex. I am tired of the system that excludes people like me that have done all right, but treated wrong. I don't think anyone really cares about the quality of people and fairness. The majority of the leaders don't even care about issues that affect their own, so I know things won't change for me. I would like to see a world that everyone has a equal chance to succeed and live. Every live is valuable and important. Everyday is a struggle to survive, not live, and it is taking a tole on my physical body. I would hope to see a new way of things, and the old system needs to be destroyed. Quality health care, food, education, housing and employment and valuable resources for everyone. This world will be a better place when all can thrive. There is room at the top for everyone to rebuild, restore and reward. The world belongs to everyone and why does a small group run it. They are not entitled or any different from everyone else. They have a date to live and die as everyone else and the stuff will be left here on this side. I keep hoping that the next day will be a better day. I hope that the next person will see me for who I am instead of prejudiced or stereotypes. The system has done a damaging effect of many people as they were robbed of culture, language, opportunity, identity, resources and a voice. I don't know how to fix the large problem, however, small steps in the positive direction to even the equity of all is a start. Some are growing angry and tired of the treatment and want better for themselves and others. The different methods such as voting, marching, protesting, boycotts, supporting their own still has the same outcome of hopelessness.