I am tired of this world of superstition

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Why do I get the sense that ever since American horror story coven, things have gone off the rails in this country as far as race relations? If you haven't seen AHS coven sorry but I cant help but correlate this somewhat. Is this part of a greater scheme, a greater spiritual war the blacks have initiated against modern white Americans because they believe in karma? What about your granddaughter? Okay well what about that door swinging both ways? Here’s my advice from my race’s history of "supremacy", (history makes me really sad dont get me wrong) we don’t fuck with witchcraft and apparently all those centuries ago, witchcraft didn’t save you so it might make you feel powerful and if enough of you are engaging in it like there seems to be you might see something materialize nation-wide but isn’t that just signing you guys up for more negativity? I've already seen that play out first hand. You're not winning even though the media says you are. I've seen the way the cops got meaner towards you because of this fuckery. I don’t know it seems like forgiveness has longer lasting effects than payback and misguided payback at that, towards the wrong people.