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I am trash.

I am the most deceitful and useless person I know. All I do is hurt people and myself. I don't want to live this way anymore. But I never do the right thing. Never make right choices.

I dont have 300 words to write. Just wanted to scream somewhere when I can't physically do it. What else can I say. I have caught myself in a web of lies, one of which is where o told myself I'm doing this to protect others from hurt..I don't know how to fix anything anymore. I am suffocating because of myself. I am not looking for comfort, I am not the victim. If anything, I feel like the villain in a movie who can't do anything but be bad now.

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Re: I am trash.

Well. You acknowledge it. So your halfway there. Now try to stop doing that in the future. This one may go sideways on you. Happens to us all. But try to learn & not repeat in future.

If we all quit every time we fucked up Jesus would have to come back just so one person would be functional.

Humans are fucked up. We just are. Accept it. Do your best.