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I am worth more.

It bothers me when you tell a guy all the bad things you have been through with other males like how i've been cheated on lied to or treated like crap by men pretty much my whole life. Even my dad lied to me. Then they promise not to do the same thing and turn around and do it just to hurt you. I hate when you trust someone so much that you tell them all you weaknesses and they just abuse it to treat you like crap. I KNOW I AM WORTH MORE THAN THIS, and so are all of you women out there. I cannot wait to find someone that realizes my worth. So no matter how many times you have had your heart broken by how ever many people I promise you there is someone out there that will appreciate you and know your worth so don't give up and don't give in to the "boy" that doesn't deserve you or want to treat you right.

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Re: I am worth more.

I really need to hear this now. Thank you.

Oh yeah there is, the shame is, we just aren't good enough for you. Not YOU personally, and this is not an angry at women thing, you cannot feel what you cannot and do not but by god does it hurt.

5 years it has taken me to stop the thinking every day of a woman I loved, and I find someone, someone who I would walk through fire for, and the reasons we cannot be, they are surmountable, but of course that would require she could feel for me, and does she? 99.99% chance that no, not even a little bit.

And I would worship the ground she walks on, she lights up my heart and soul just being around her.

I wish you all the luck, but it is sometimes the case as humans the one man or even woman who wants us, just isn't who we want, and yet that person, would come save us from the gates of hell.

I would, and yet fate decrees that I can twice find love but be out of luck both times.

I wish I could scream the heavens down, I wish I had words enough to make her heart melt. I do not, so I get the chance instead to feel this burning torment.

A woman so beautiful inside and out, for whom, a promise I make I would keep beyond death if it could be.

So ok you been treated bad but all I would say as advice is, if there are a few reasons to not be with someone, be sure before saying no, because that is where you could be saying goodbye to a person who will always hold your value on a pedestal and you place objections in place of the possibilities of having everything.