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I Bought a Prostitute this morning

This morning (August 24th) I purchased oral sex from a prostitute. I am 18 and have never done anything physical with a woman. Seeing all of my friends get girlfriends and get physical got me really wanting to. I used a website to find a local woman and I got 20 minutes. I only got oral sex done, and wore a condom for safety, but I still feel terrible. I'm ashamed, and I'm mad at myself for risking STDs, and risking getting corona from her since I live with my grandpa. My brother eased my mind a bit because I told him, but I still feel bad about it.

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Re: I Bought a Prostitute this morning

At least now you know you don’t want that in your life in the future. And you know that what you did was not without consent. So move forward. It is ok.