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i came out today :)

i genuinely don't have any friends (aside from one internet friend and some girl from wattpad :/ ) and i highly doubt they care so im here to tell no one just because im excited. i know no one comes here to read, everyone just comes here to pour out their emotions but still :)

today I was going shopping with my dad and while we were walking he said something about a boyfriend. i said, why not a girl? he said its 2020 and love is love and it made me hella happy inside sjjsjs,,,

i said i had something to tell him but then i panicked since he's Christian and he said the love is love thing in a sorT Of sarcastic??? way so to give myself time and decide if i actually wanted to tell him i started rambling about how it's stressful and i dont know if im actually gonna tell him

we got to a park and sat down on a bench to have a break. he was talking about something else until he said, so what did you have to tell me? i decided that i need to take risks and tell him. i asked him to promise me to not tell anyone else and then i took a deep breath and said

i like boys AND girls.

im not exactly sure what he said at first because it was really stressful and i couldn't focus but he accepted me at first and then said, you're still young and you have time to figure it out.

that's when i started crying because I've known i was bi since i was 9 and i thought he secretly wanted this to be a 'phase' and me to end up being straight later on in life. i said that to him and he made jokes about it making fun of how I've been pretty much stalling for years and i laughed a bit.

i said i thought he was gonna be mad and he said,,, am i supposed to be mad? it made me cry even more because i realised how fucking lucky i am that my dad actually accepted me since it could've gone wrong in SO many ways. i hugged him and cried for ages. god i probably looked fucking insane just sitting on a bench crying but i literally couldn't believe it.

after a few minutes i finally stopped crying like the bitch baby i am but i couldn't believe what just happened. its been a few hours and i still can't believe it. it felt unreal. I've been worried about this for years and years and finally i came out? I'm really fucking proud of myself :)

I've been planning to come out to my mum next week because i thought she'd be the more accepting parent but literally completely unplanned, i came out to my dad. i was planning to never come out to him that's literally how fucking scared i was but i did it


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Re: i came out today :)

Baby I'm so proud of you dear. You know,we all have certain things we are scared about letting others know cause we can't predict what their reactions might be(though we imagine the worst cases most times),but we can only find out what their reactions will be when we open up and I'm so glad you finally let yourself out after so many years๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š.