I came up with a cool idea about an fun video.

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Film-makers and adventure seekers hit me up about how you feel about this idea.

Well, hey. Hello.

I am a hobbyistic videographer. I don't have a YouTube channel yet and have only a handful of Instagram followers. But I'm very much interested in making videos.

Firstly, If you are reading this then first on all, thank you. Ill suggest that read this till the last and please hit me up about this. If u feel it's very stupid or if it's very interesting and you want to join me in this.

So, today as every other day, I was scrolling YouTube looking at the GoPro videos and stuff and I came across this cool video.

I am leaving a link of that video. Check it out if u haven't.

YouTube: 👇

What's sad is nothing like this ever happened in India. So, I was planning of doing something like this but on my first attempt I wish to do it in a smaller environment.

We can just make a few custom suits like what they wear in spiderman , Superman, etc.

But instead of marvel or dc super heroes, we gonna be wearing a black suit with colourful lights and a lot on neon on it. And we'll me moving around the city in the dark night with this suit on.

Well we can always give it a cool name.

For now let's just call it say, Aurora or Coriolis.

But alone I can never do this. I need a crew, a team and together we can make it possible.

So, it's just a pretty basic idea, the base, call it. Lots of work, details and planning is left in this. But together we can make it.

And trust me for once, it would definitely be fun.

Thank you. : ) :D