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I can't

There's so much in my head that I can't say because it's too much and too hard. But I guess I could start with this evening.

My dad doesn't understand that sometimes I just need a minute to be alone.

I had been crying earlier and when he came upstairs, he just wouldn't let it go. "Why are you crying?" "Was it because ____?" and "you need to learn _______."

Basically he gave me a stereotypical perfect parent talk. We were sitting on the bed and I was crying quietly. He then proceeds to tell me that I shouldn't be sad, I should be stronger, and then just watches me cry. I agreed with what he said. I let him know that yes I understand, you can leave now. But he doesn't. He just sat there. After a few frustrating seconds he tells me he loves me, he's proud of me etc. I think the part I was the most frustrated with was the fact that he just sat there and watched me cry. Like he expected me to just stop crying as soon as he told me that. I don't think he understood that I just needed a minute alone, I don't know about him but I can't just be like the kid with their parent in almost every movie. It doesn't help that over quarantine my social anxiety went through the roof.

From what I've written it probably sounds stupid. I genuinely want to kill myself (what no- not because of this one day-). Like I said before, there's too much stuff in my head and I don't know how to say it.

This is just one of the many things that hurt. And it probably sounds even more stupid when I say I don't want to be alive anymore. I've made other posts before this but you won't be able to find them for obvious reasons-

But if anyone knows the easiest, fastest, and most painless way to kill myself, please let me know.


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Re: I can't

Don't kill yourself, I am just another you who wants to let out everything and my parents my sister everyone just don't understand me and I am frustrated but killing is not the solution. Just see if there is a way .

See if you will kill yourself then you will be a murderer, you will murder your dreams , your body , your soul . Go back in your memories and think when you were a little one what do you want to be , obviously you want to grow and become whatever you want to be .

It's time now. Now you are grown up . Just understand you have to go long way and it is truly okay to cry sometimes . I also cry a lot . That doesn't mean we are weak . This means we are strong enough to let our tears gone . We don't care about what others thinks , we care for us .

Start drawing or writing or any other hobby and you will be happy , your anxiety will workout on its own .

Please don't kill yourself.

See I am here just like you . I am 3enduring and I know , one day will come when we will be happy , we will be loved , we will achieve our dreams .

One thing more , if you can just watch some Korean dramas they are really good , they will make you happy with their cute love stories and many other things.

You can find them on google or Netflix.

Go just take some time out of your daily routine and watch .

God bless you .

Well I am just an 18 year old girl .

I don't know if you are younger or elder than me .

Ok so bye and sorry if i have hurt your feelings or anything.

You will find all your answer in one place. U know what it is?

It is:



I promise.

Don’t kill yourself. That is literally THE MOST SELFISH THING YOU CAN DO. Think about how that’s going to affect your friends and family. That is not fair to them and they don’t deserve that type of pain. Also it’s the easy way out.

Someone can’t know to leave you alone if you don’t say “Thanks for the help, I need a little time alone.” There’s nothing wrong with saying that to someone, even a parent.

You are in charge of your happiness and destiny and you possess the power to change things. Look at what’s going on in your life and think about what it would take to fix it (suicide not being an option). List the things you’re grateful for. Take steps to do what it takes to make you happy. Ask for help or counseling if you need it. Call the suicide prevention hotline. Whatever it is won’t last forever. Things always work out. Help yourself one step at a time and do not think it’s going to be an instant solution.

you know i also tried suicide 2 years ago.. i still trying to get out of all these emotional things.. i still cried at night.. but now i know one thing.. you just got one life.. i have also family issues and many more.. but because of that i just can't let my dreams die.. do one thing choose yourself now..... stop think about others just think about yourself.. tried to talk to them and you can't.. then talk to someone who will listen to you.. and if you don't find anything just take online help.. suicide prevention number and their are sites where you can talk in sms and email also.. just tried... don't loose your hope.. you are special.. you are important.. you are good.. just don't end your life...