I can't aay no to the things I don't wanna do .

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Hlo , I am feeling really kinda guilty cause I didn't gave the bike license to my friend . So In the morning 1 text from my friend was "Can you give your bike license for few days ?" I saw it from the notification without opening chatbox . I don't wanted to give license cause ,Unfortunately if something happens bad than their might be huge trouble for not just me for ny family as well . So whole day I didn't see the text . Than at 4:30 pm my friend came to my house for the same reason , He asked me the license if I could give him . I said I can't and that was what I wanted, but I am feeling like what he might have thought. How will he see me form now onward ? And this feeling is making me to think unnecessary thoughts. So I am here to scatter my thoughts so that I will feel good. Plz if anyone can say , Did I do something wrong ? Will he see me as he used to saw me ? Will he be again my good friend ?