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I cant control it

So you see I know this is pretty weird but I need to tell someone about it so I will be writing here. There is this girl that I met in seventh grade and I adored her since then. We were so close, I like her as a friend and when we're in eight grade we grew closer to each other. I dreamt of her for 3 nights nothing more. Just her.

Last night my dream was strange, I dreamt of her confessing to me and when I woke up I searched at google the meaning when someone confesses to you.

I dont know what's happening to me, I feel like I like her but I am also girl, and I dont want to be lesbian or bisexual. No, Im not homophobic- I just dont want myself to be like that because my mom wont be accepting me.

I cant get her out of my mind now, I dont know what to do anymore. I just want to stop thinking about her and just think about the guy that I like. But I cannot stop thinking about her and I wanted to talk to her. Someone please tell me what to do?