I can't do this anymore

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Everything is frustrating now... When I see anyone cheered up and all happy without any problems....I feel like there's no meaning to my life. I just wanna know that how can I get rid of this fuckin pressure off my mind and leave in peace.

First there's my family problems. I know... everyone have there own family problem but I feel like mine is just unbearable. Everything goes down like it was never meant to be. Why this keeps happening to me everytime ifdk.

Then there's my fuckin relationship problems. Everytime I am with a girl I like, I just fine any stupid way to fuck it up. Then I cry like a baby and lose my friends over my depressed days. Well, how could one possibily live like this man. Pain in my chest is weighing more and more everyday. God I just want to live a day with no worries or no depression. This shit is too much for me

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