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I can't explain this well..

Theres this person who I admire and look up to. I have a lot of anxiety and so do they. I began to dm them for like three days and then I stopped cuz they never would dm me unless I dmed them first and I had too much anxiety. I also really don't want to say the wrong thing. I really like them and we would make really good friends! I said to myself that I would dm them three days ago but I can't help but procrastinate. I'm so scared and I don't know how to explain it to them. They are a really nice person and said their dms are always open. I really need help. I'm thinking about them every day and I cry about it because of my dumb anxiety and me making everything awkward. we never really even had any real conversations. please if somebody could help I would greatly appreciate it. I've looked everywhere for help but nothing has worked. I hope I explained the situation well enough since every other time I try, people never seem to fully grasp the situation.

Side note: this person is an artist and is really nice. it all started when they said that if anybody wanted to talk about their issues they could just dm. so I started by dming them and thats how I started talking to them a little. I had been wanting to contact them for literal months before then.