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i cant look in the mirror anymore

im chubby, no question about it, my boyfriend always told me he loves me and wouldnt have me any other way, calls me thicc ect. but it breaks my heart in two when he can sit there on facetime calling my gorgeous and still scrolling through twitter liking photos of hot bodies anime hentai girls, i cant compare and i know they are images but where will my place be when someone who fits this fantasy walks into his life. i cant stand the sight of myself, i havent eaten for 5 days now, i just want to be thin like all these girls he likes on twitter but im just pathetic

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Re: i cant look in the mirror anymore

Hi! I feel the same. Like completely. Although my boyfriend always compliments me I feel disgusting and scared that he will leave me for someone thinner and prettier. I don’t have good advice but I’m just letting you know your not alone and your boyfriend probably does love you very much. I also relate to the non eating, trust me it’s not worth it at all- what I do instead is drink lots of water, not only does it get rid of fat it makes you more fuller so you don’t eat as much, but make sure to still eat 3 meals a day, please.