I can't resist unhealthy food cravings

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I've been trying to loose some weight lately but the unhealthy food cravings are seriously killing me. I'm a big sucker for junk food, and especially sweets. It's easier to do it when there's no bad food in the health but my family fills the fridge and cabinet with cake, chips, cookies, candy, chocolate, soda, fast foods of all sorts. They somehow have a fast metabolism (I'm the odd one out) and can eat whatever they want without gaining a single bit of weight. Everywhere I turn in my house there is temptation and seeing my family eat makes me crave the food even more. It doesn't seem to be having much negative effects on them so I don't want to ask them to give up something they enjoy just for the sake of me. I've always been a timid spender so seeing the food in grocery stores don't really tempt me to buy them but they are so difficult to ignore when they are sitting right in front of me all over my house. I always give in and indulge in them but I feel so ashamed afterwards. I am just slightly overweight for now but I don't want the pattern to continue and have negative impacts on my physical and mental health. I talked to my family about it and they don't really care. I wonder if anyone else have this problem.