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I cant stop crzing and thinking abt this

i think my friend hates me we got into a fight and she called me fake and a bitch and said how rude and how annoying and my friends were and then when i tried to text her her mom answerd saying hi i have her phone your a bully and that i'm not aloud to text her ever again but 2 seconds later she texted my other friend but not as the mom, i prayed and have been crying for 1 hour because of this and because of the fact that she might never be my friend again, i prayed to god asking for forgivness and to be forgivin even though i did not do anything, my parents think i did something to make her mad but she said one of the the reason she was doing this was because we did not invite her to the beach 1 time, not that big of a deal but her call i guess. I don;t know what to because she is one of the only people i go to hang out with. Please pray for me that everything will end up being ok.

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Re: I cant stop crzing and thinking abt this

You’ll be fine babe even if it’s hard you will. You sound like a caring person but the other person sound selfish and will end up hurting you in the future. You must’ve felt embarrassed anxiety and all of those emotions but you’ll heal with time and during that time try to make new friends even people you’d never expect to befriend. Grow from this and in the future don’t become friends with people who are like that girl now you know who to avoid maybe god is showing you a tough lesson because you ignored the other hints and signs. Tough love from him but self development for you. Be strong and mature it’s ok to be hurt but be kind to yourself respect yourself and in this situation think about what’s best for you.