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I can't stop thinking

I feel responsible for all of it. My grandmother used to be ill and then it used to turn out that she is well. At times whenever my father is back she starts acting sick, my father developed diabetes in the past few years. I was extremely sad and angry at her and felt she just acts and makes my father do chores for her, i used to avoid her as she never treated my mother well. Just 15 days back, i shouted at her for calling me again and again and also my elder brother shouted at her. She passed away yesterday at the age of 89. I feel I was unable to take care lf her at her last stage and feel responsible for whatever happened. I'm unable to get out of this guilt. In my childhood she shouted at me for nothing and also said words like I'm dead for you while I was very small and made me cry a lot. All this used to come back and I felt emotionless for herm but now I feel responsible for everything. What could I do.