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ummmmm... what's wrong with my mom?

i was on my laptop writing a mail and she just barges into my room so out of habit i close my laptop and she's like what are you writing

when i show her that i wasn't doing anything wrong she starts shouting at me because i closed my laptop

like wtf mom i showed you what i was doing and i even said sorry but i couldn't help it, it was like a reflex

but she's still angry for no reason at all and i hate this situation

what am i supposed to do

i hate this so much

i am angry and i don't know whats going on with me but i am angry all the time and i can't help it

so damn angry

ALL the TIME and it's so exhausting and shit i don't wanna be angry but the people i'm currently living with aren't helping

i'm so frustrated

jesus i can't even be on my laptop without people getting angry about it