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I can’t wait

I can’t wait to be somebody’s whole world. I can’t wait to be somebody’s best friend and just to be somebody’s number one. It feels like I have never been anybody’s best friend of world or anything like that. I’m only a freshman in high school, but I’m just so ready to feel loved and to be and feel like the world to someone. I feel lonely a lot, I have “friends” but it still feels like I’m alone. Like there’s no one I can really go to. It sucks feeling like that. A lot. I can’t wait to be in a long committed healthy relationship where my next boyfriend will be my world and I will be his. To feel so important to somebody. To have someone afraid of losing you. I can’t wait to have a best friend who I can always go to without hesitation. To trust they will be there for me. Who will stick by my side and never betray me. I can’t wait for you the day I realize I have that.

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Re: I can’t wait

Continued: I can’t wait to be so absolutely consumed by someone that my heart races when I get a notification from him that my face lights up and switches my mood in seconds. I can’t wait to be so in love that I want them to know everything about me and I want to know everything about them. I can’t wait to feel like I can do anything with him. I can’t wait to be so in love that every little thing about him consumes me in every little way possible. I can’t wait for that day to come.