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I care about every user of this site

I care about you. You need to tell someone. Well done for coming here and telling the world. I often write replies like this on posts, but I wish I could put it on every post, that's why I'm writing this. Whether you are feeling shame, anger, anxiety, depression, regret etc. we are here to support you. If you want to tell your life story, go for it! If you want to admit to having a mental illness, go for it! If you general want help ,go for it!Whoever you are, you are loved, because I care about you.🤗

That's the only hug I can currently give, but make sure you accept it warmly.

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Re: I care about every user of this site

In this world of meaningful friends , finding someone like you is finding a needle in haystack.

Thank you so much, could you please help me


Here is a link to a small article on what pain I face in life and want to know how and what do I do

Thank you so much for everyone who can help me or do take time to read this out