I cheated and I am scared

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To begin I cheated on my wife over a year ago and I have been ashamed of this ever since. Not long after the cheating I confessed to my wife and she said that if it was anything more than kissing, she would pack her things and walk out. In fear of her leaving, I played it down even though more transpired. Am I proud of what I did? No, but I have done my damnedest to love and care for her since then. It has been over a year since then and she still have moments where the memories seem to surface and drags her deeper into depression. The truth is I cheated on her, but if she ever finds out the extent of what happens she is gone forever. This is a secret I share with you and I will take it to my grave.

I honestly do not deserve this woman, but just want her to move past this so we can get on with our lives. The reason I had cheated was because I needed to feel wanted and not tollerated.