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I cheated and I don't feel bad

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My boyfriend works away and during his time home he and I don't have much time together between everything he wants to do. Lately the distance and lack of intimacy/ communication and connection while he is away has been making me upset. I've been trying to express it but I am expected to just deal with it as he doesn't plan on changing jobs.

Anyways I met this man at a bar on a weekend when he was away. Just randomly asked to sit with him. We wound up hooking up that night in a secret unfurnished place and texting after that. We both wanted more because the sex was so good and we thought it could be even better with a bed.

Three days later he is back in town on business and I decided to go all in and book us a hotel for when he got off work instead of him staying with his friend. We had an amazing night together. Definitely had me feeling a longing for many things missing in my relationship. Whirlwind romance is so psychotic. The instant connection and comfort I felt seemed so real though. I imagined how life could be single or eventually with someone more similar to this guy than my bf.

I do feel bad going behind my boyfriends back and I hate hiding it from him but I don't think I'll ever let him find out. I will use the experience to try to improve my relationship and if I can't do that then perhaps it was another eye opener to move on and part ways amicably.