I cheated on my husband

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Both of us on our second marriage, well last year I had a text/occasional hang out with a male co-worker. We never had sex but did some touching at times. My husband (who has a major wandering eye) found out and at first seemed like it didn’t bother him. He told me when we first got together that he wanted a sort of open relationship and that if I like someone and wanted to go on a few dates, that would be ok, as long as he knew. So I went off of this conversation with him from the past. WRONG!!!! When it came around to it he couldn’t handle it.

Eventually after a few months I kicked this man out of my life and have owned up to all my faults and explained why I did what I did and how wrong it was. It has been well over a year and my husband has not let me forget it at all, even lying and saying that I never owned up to any of it. I told him if he can’t ever forgive (which I know hard) then he needs to let me go from his life because I do not want to live the rest of my days hearing about how I’m an awful cheater who never owned up to her actions. I am convinced that he is trying to play the victim role well past it’s time and I am sick of being the bad person. I love him and we have a lot of good times together but it will never be the same. I appreciate the things he has done for me as I have done things for him but I can’t live with the way he always makes me a bad cheater. We have been together about 7 years and that was the only time I strayed.

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