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I did it but all I get is hate

And I have struggled with my self worth and confidence. And some days it’s bad some days are not so bad so. And today October 26 2020 marks 1 year clean and I was feeling good today so when I went to school I just did school work and went home Btw I don’t eat in a

school the food is trash so I eat at home. When I get home I go grab some leftovers from the night before and my dad sees me eating and says “ if you are going to eat like that then you better be working out” like sorry meat head I am just trying to survive without cutting so much that I get light headed. So I threw away the food and just did homework and I am really want to just starve myself and fit my dads beauty standards and I am the ONLY one in the family that he makes those sly comments about.WHY. Because I am a heavier then my older sister. Does he want me to commit not living. And he fucking knows I have struggled with my mental health. Anyway g2g. Well I guess happy 1year clean for me. might break that later.