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I did something terrible

I love my boyfriend to death but I felt like me and him were going to break up, So I started reaching out to my ex man hoes. This one guy said sure let's hang out and we did. But I had sex with him and the sex was absolutely incredible but me and my bf aren't breaking up and I don't know if I wanna tell him or not, But I also have feels for my hookup so I don't know what to do and I can't tell my friends because it would be great blackmail so I decided to write this, thanks for your time

- J đź’«

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Re: I did something terrible

You should tell him and explain that you thought things were ending. Respect him enough to give him the opportunity to make a decision in regards to your relationship. If he decides to still be with you then y'all can work things out and take some time to really think, do I like the sex so maybe i like him or do i actually like him besides the sex and would maybe want a relationship with him because those are two different things. If your boyfriend decides to end things then it happens and you can try to make sense of how you feel about the hook up. Regardless of which, you should tell him. things will always come out one way or another, its better coming from you than your hook up or anyone else


well u kinda cheated on him so i think it would be best to tell him because if u rlly love him that’s the best thing u could do. and since u got feels for the guy that u hooked up with then i don’t think u and ur bf rlly have anything cuz if u did u wouldn’t yk. but that’s just my opinion u do what u think is best