I do what needs done...

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So its been snowing a lot lately. And I looked outside and saw nothing has been shoveled, so I get my ass ready to shovel it. As I am about to head out the door my roommate goes, "don't even bother shovelling, you'll just break the shovel cause it is solid ice." Of course I argue cause he is not the one who has to do it and it is my fucking shovel.. I bought it so.. I went out and I shoveled, (without breaking the fucking shovel.) Then, just to prove a point to the asshole, I took my shovel and right in front of him I stomped on it and busted it. Bought another for $5 that looks exactly the same and told him never to tell me what to do with my shit again... If I want to fucking shovel.. I'm going to fucking shovel! Fucked up part is that he is this big burly guy while I'm this petite little girl who just doesn't like to be told she don't have common sense.