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I done messed up

So I am married. I met a guy through multiple places of work. He is super good looking and all that jazz. Turns our he is friends with my husband. Well ive been talking to him on social media. Yesterday we were talking after work and both of us got on the topic of sex. I told him he needs to get a girl or a friend with benefits. I ended up in his car

"blowing his mind " and my husband found out and asked the guy about it. Now the guy is ghosting me and my husband is suicidal now. Idk what to do

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Re: I done messed up

Welp this is waht cheating deos my freind. and you've just blown it n th eworst page. i feel u but yh... im 14 so i dont really know how to give advice, but i think u need to focus on your husband really. make him a poem, say home much u love him and do some things just purely for him. he'll frogive u in the end and comeback round soon. :)