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I donno if you'll see this, love.

Its 12 am rn. The streetlight fills up my room. The trees move with the cold wind. And i donno why im thinkin bout you. Your warmth. The way you laugh.

I donno when we'll meet. After our careers have a good start?

Or once we're 50 and at a re union?

Honestly idk.

But no matter who i marry, you're my first love. You're no longer closer to my heart.

You're a part of it.

I've shared a part of my memories with you, and i'll keep it. Im glad to have been with you. But some part of me aches to see you. Aches to see that guy in a grey shirt on a wednesday.

Or that orange pen-pencil. Black and white nike shoes. Quechua backpack. G shock watch. And the way you look at me from the corner of your eye.

The rain is pattering the roof. Its gotten a little chilly here. Are you awake like me now?

Or are you sleeping hun?

I dont know. I cant even call you. Slowly you're becoming a memory to me. A person i used to know.

All i know is i love you Vathsan.

And last time wasn't a prank call. It was my heart felt emotions, and i still love you the same way as i did when i set my eyes on you in 4th grade.

And if we ever meet, i'll get you a nice gift. Something you would you use everyday. Like love.