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i dont care about voting anymore..

i hate politics and honestly i hate a lot of stuff thats happening in America. Anytime if my friends get on the "politics" subject. i say "i dont care about voting, and i probably never will again" one of my friends will come and say "but i fought for this country". My first honest thought is "and...? i didnt tell you to go fight for it? Stop trying to guilt trip me in wanting to vote for a shitty ass country that doesnt even help YOU out!" its so annoying, cause why are you trying to stick up for a country that isnt trying to stick up or fight for you?? I dont say whats on my mind cause i dont want to be rude. But Veterans are treated like shit, and the only people you should be worried about protecting is your family and the people you love. My Uncle who even fought for this country lonnnggg before my friend was even born is sick of this country! Cause it doesnt take care of my uncle! My uncle once said "why am i even defending a place that doesnt defend or protect me??" that always stayed with me. I would like someones answers to my post here... should i speak my mind to my friend about his "i fought for this country" response..?? or should i just let it go..

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Re: i dont care about voting anymore..

Speak your mind or they won't ever respect your opinion America is divided and corrupt it's full of white supremacists. America is in crippling dept. Show them how you really feel or you will never have your opinions respected if you lose them as a friend they were never a friend and was never going to respect you.